About Us

DIVO Music Management is a group consist of young talented musician which have reached many achievement in musical competitions like Champion of Yamaha Music Contest,Best Arranger,Best Guitarist,1st & 2nd Runner Up at JGTC Festival. In 2014,we were invited to perform at JakJazz,the 3 largest music festival in Indonesia. We can customize your event by serving as music director. We has written lots of arrangements,conducted band,big band,& orchestra, to create an unforgettable moment in your life

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Reasons To Choose Us

What type of musical ensemble do you provide? (max.3)

Orchestra , Band , Quartet

What makes your services unique?

Our musicians are young, passionate, talented, skilled and educated. So, we are very happy to give extraordinary music performance which have unique concepts. Some of our clients ask to play unusual wedding song like all Japanese Songs, all Koreans Song, Progressive Rock, Country, Oldies, etc on their wedding.

What is your speciality? (max. 3)

Funk , Jazz , Orchestra

What is the size of your musical ensemble?

DIVO Music Management is a group consist of young talented musicians. Our members reach 50 musicians.

Is it possible to request something that’s not in the repertoire?

Yes, of course! We are very pleased to provide unique and different service for each client..

What music genres do you offer?

Acapella , Acoustic , Big band , Blues , Classic rock , Classical , Country , Dance , Folk , Funk , Gospel , Hip hop , International , Jazz , Latin , Oldies , Orchestra , Pop , Punk rock , R&B/Soul , Reggae , Rock , Strings , Swing

Please list, if any, your business’ past achievements and awards

– Champion of Yamaha Annual Music Contest
– Best Arranger & Best Guitarist at JGTC Festival 2014
– 1st Runner Up at JGTC Festival 2014
– 2nd Runner Up at JGTC Festival 2015
– invited to perform at the Jakarta International Jazz Festival

How far in advance should your client contact you?

6 months in advance would be great, but if they must, the latest they can contact us 1 week before the D-Day

What services do you offer?

DJ , Ceremony music , Cocktail hour music , Instrumentals , Karaoke services , MC , Reception music , Rehearsal dinner music , Sample performances , Vocals , Audio visuals , Dance performance

What is your repertoire?

We provide a variety from different genre like pop, jazz, classical, rock, gospel, ballad, and many more.

Do you provide your services in other cities or countries?

Yes, Bandung, Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, Singapore, Malaysia.

What is your usual attire?

Depending on client’s request. Most of our wedding clients request us to use formal attire. But some of our unique clients which have different concept for their wedding day request us to use thematic costume like Harajuku Style, Rock Star Style, Fantasy Character Style, and many more